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Low Cost - for Startups and Enterprises

Annual Licence and unlimited support prices from as little as £250 per user

Quick Overview

Dashboard showing Jobs in Progress, Awaiting Invoicing, Awaiting Payment as well as Quotations

Track all Income and Expenditure

Automatically Generate VAT Returns

Easy Job Management

Record all pertinent details of a job ( client, languages, translators, cost, value, special instructions, notes

Convert a Quotation to a confirm job at the touch of a button

Maintains Details History of a Job

Helps organise all documents of a job into the job folders

Automated Invoice Generation

Create Invoices Automatically (either in Word or PDF format)

Comprehensive job history

Any action performed against a job is recorded for future reference. Want to view a document? No problem - just click the history entry and Insight:Translate will open it. No need to go through the windows folders looking for what you want.

SMS and Email directly from Insight:Translate

No need to open up Outlook to correspond with any party associated with a job - Just click the Email button and you've got access to all the information you've already entered. Insight will also save the email in the job folder and include in the job history.

Now includes the ability to send SMS text messages directly from Insight:Translate. Research shows that 97% of text messages are read, so is an effective method to track down those elusive parties

Keep track of your clients and Translators

A simple database of clients and translators help you keep track

Amazing reporting facilities

Slice and dice your data to get the information you need - All with a few clicks of the mouse. Invaluable reporting engine that will give you a clear view of your business

Various reports to help manage your business and help produce your end of year accounts

Over 40 'Skins' to change the look and feel

Feeling energetic, chilled, jubilant, seasonal - no problem. With over 40 different skins, there's bound to be one that matches your mood.

Mature application with nearly 10 years of use.

Insight:Translate's been going since 2003, so you can trust that it's stood the test of time and benefited from years of feedback from the user community.

Easy to use. New users live in 10 minutes

We think it's one of the easiest Business Management packages to use. Typically, new users are active and using the system productively within 10 minutes.

Automatic updates direct to your PC

We're coming up with improvements all the time as a result of the feedback from the user community. Want a feature that's not there - just contact us and we'll do our best to oblige. These new features have to make it to you quickly and easily and we've got an automated update system that ensures you're always working with the latest version.